Career perspectives for Sociology graduates.

Graduates form the Sociology Departments of the Universities of the Aegean, Panteion, and Crete, having developed skills and knowledge throughout their studies, have a wide variety of job options, namely as liberal professionals or as employees in the private or public sector.

More specifically sociology graduates may chose among:

  1. Teaching in primary and secondary schools, private or public, under conditions specified by the Greek legislation.
  2. Teaching in Higher Education institutions, under conditions specified by the Greek legislation.
  3.  Being employed in the public sector (ministries, local government authorities, public hospitals and social services) as civil servants and more specifically:

i/ in the Labour Ministry and its relevant agencies on labour issues, such as job conditions and employment rights.

ii/ in the Ministry of the Environment and relevant environmental agencies on issues  such as  sustainable development and environmental awareness.

  1. Being employed in the private sector as consultants, management officials, employment counselors and coordinators of working groups in the framework of production processes.
  2. Working for NGOs and charity fund raising campaigns.
  3. Working in both public and private employment agencies that involve vocational training and job orientation for the unemployed.
  4. Working in the police force or the Army.
  5. Working as social researcher who plans designs and manages social research projects on topics such as unemployment or crime.
  6.  Working in market analysis companies.
  7.  Working as social worker and youth worker in the public sector, for example in the framework of court procedures.
  8.  Working as a probation officer to rehabilitate offenders by enforcing conditions of court orders, conducting risk assessments and ensuring offenders’ awareness of the impact of their crime.
  9.  Working as social workers in rehabilitation centers.
  10. Working as Community development worker with individuals, families and communities to develop skills, plan goals and identify rights and opportunities in order to improve quality of life.
  11. Working in trade unions as social scientists, mediators or advisors on labour issues.
  12. Being employed as advisors in the Independent Monitoring Agencies of the country in areas such civil rights protection and mass media freedom.


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