Urban and Environmental Sociology. Applied and Clinical Sociology


Director: Chtouris Sotiris



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i/ An in depth exploration and analysis of social and environmental problems in the context of urban and semi-urban areas.

ii/ Social, environmental  and  aesthetic intervention  at  micro  /  macro  level, namely neighbourhoods, districts, communities and regions.

iii/ Social cohesion at local urban level.

iv/ Creation  of new  theoretical models and analytical methods in relation to modern urban phenomena.

v/  Modern     cities    and     their    technological    dimension    (infrastructure, communication, transport networks, civil protection).

Courses Duration:

3 teaching modules and the Thesis semester (July – September)

Tuition fees:  3,000 Euros

Possibility of scholarship: YES

Practice: YES

Lab courses: YES

Distance learning: NO

Course begins: Spring semester 2009/20010 (March 2010)


Eligibility requirements:

Successful candidates must have a good first degree in a subject related to:

•     Social sciences, economics, political science, urban planning, architecture, archeology, geography, environmental studies, earth sciences, medicine, psychology, nursing and social workers, fine arts, law and administration etc,

•     Fluent usage of Greek and English is required for applicants, in order to understand  and  use  the  literature  and  attend  lectures  from  visiting professors.


Applicants’ selection:

The applicants’ selection is based on:

• The applicant’s degrees

• Undergraduate courses grades related to the intended specialization

• Previous research experience

• Recommendation letter

• Oral interview


Mission statement:

•     Scientific training and development of analytical and research skills in relation to socio-environmental phenomena.

•     Interdisciplinary research methodology with reference to sociological, psychological, ecological and aesthetic methods.

•     Development of social awareness on social cohesion issues, environmental education, social capital mobilization, through the application of interventional and clinical methods.

•     Training  administration,  local  government  and  company  executives  in urban environmental management issues.

•     Consulting on local social and environmental risk management.


Offered Courses:

  • Sociology of Urban Space and Environment
  • Perception, Aesthetics and Configuration of Space and Environment
  • Clinical Sociology – Mitigation and Risk management
  • Quality of life and Evaluation
  • Urban and Artistic interventions in Urban spaces
  • Civil Protection and Socio-political Capital – Vulnerable social groups
  • Clinical Sociology and Mental Health
  • Urban Sustainable Development Projects – A comparative approach
  • Thesis


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