Director: Rontos Kostas




The M.A. Program explores the relationship and the tensions between social-cultural practices of civil societies and formal democratic institutions both in Europe and in adjacent Mediterranean countries on Europe’s southern and eastern peripheries in terms of national identities, social movements, democratization processes, political representation, religion and modernization.

Exploring the European and Euro-Mediterranean social constellations as dynamic processes, it is particularly keen to bring together students, lecturers and researchers from neighboring countries to explore the aforementioned factors that shape our future, and to suggest possible routes to inter-cultural understanding and institutional integration.

The MA program is research-oriented, encouraging its students to become involved in original research based on primary or secondary data analysis, leading to publication of their research in international journals. Currently, our students are all involved in processing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on civil consciousness in a project funded by the Hellenic Observatory of the London School of Economics.

Acceptance criteria: The MA program accepts students with degrees in Sociology, Law, Economics, Politics or other relevant social sciences either from Greek or accredited universities abroad. It also takes into account extra-curricular civil activities and initiatives such as participation in NGOs, voluntary activities, civil action, community work, and other life-long learning experience.

Course specifications: Two (2) full time teaching semesters, plus a third semester committed to the completion of the MA Thesis. Students choose four out of five available modules per semester, 7,5 ECTS/module. 30 ECTS units are allocated to the MA Thesis. In all, students obtain 90 ECTS units through the completion of the MA program. Course specifications are subject to change according to the number of students, and the availability of the external collaborators.

Language: English and/or Greek depending on the composition of each class.

Conditions of enrolment: (a) Previous B.A. or M.A. studies in subjects relevant to the M.A. Program; (b) Recommendation letters; (c) Research and study interests; (d) Interview competence (presentation skills, argumentation); (e) Knowledge of research methods, computer skills, etc; (f) foreign languages.

Application should be made by [DATE] for Autumn[?] enrolment.

Tuition fees: 3000 €.

Employability: Occupational arenas within the European Union and affiliated national and international institutions, as well as in public administration (local, regional, national, European and international), in private enterprises operating in Europe and worldwide, in Europe-oriented social organisations as well as in the intermediate sector, e.g. in political parties, foundations, and non-governmental organisations. Furthermore, there are employment possibilities at universities, university-level institutions and academic research institutions.


Academic Year 2017 - 2018


First Semester


Title: Comparative European Sociology

Lecturer: Marangudakis Manussos / Code: 183-51-13 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae


Title: European Demography and Migration/ Refugees’ Flows: Social Research and Policy

Lecturer: Rontos Kostas & Nagopoulos Nikolaos / Code: 183-52-17 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae (Rontos Kostas)Curriculum Vitae (Nagopoulos Nikolaos)


Title: European Economy and International Economic Environment

Lecturer: Rontos Kostas & Syrmali Maria Eleni / Code: 183-53-13 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae (Rontos Kostas), Curriculum Vitae (Syrmali Maria Eleni)


Title: Introduction to EU Law

Lecturer: Grigoriou Panagiotis / Code: 183-54-17 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae


Second Semester


Title: Human Rights in Europe

Lecturer: Grigoriou Panagiotis / Code: 183-55-17 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae


Title: European Policies Regarding Employment and Social Protection

Lecturer: Nagopoulos Nikolaos / Code: 183-56-13 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae


Title: Methodology of Text Analysis

Lecturer: Kallas Ioannis / Code: 183-57-17 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae


Title: European Identities and European Cultural Standards

Lecturer: Marangudakis Manussos / Code: 183-58-13 / Course Folder / Curriculum Vitae


Third Semester


M.A. Thesis: Research, fieldwork, completion and submission of the M.A. Thesis.


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